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MetArt – TheLifeErotic – Renata Fox – Morning Routine 2

Erotic icon-turned-director Sandra Shine presents sexy redhead Renata Fox in a movie packed with sharp, explicit close-ups. We join Renata in her bathroom as she goes about her morning routine. The fun begins almost immediately, when the camera homes in on her jiggling ass cheeks, split by a candy-pink thong, as she leans over the sink to brush her teeth.

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Next, she strips naked, exposing her large breasts, shaved pussy, tattoos and multiple erotic piercings. Perching on the side of her tub, she runs her metallic-manicured fingers over her shapely legs, then applies shaving foam. She uses a wet safety razor to shave one leg, before turning her attention to her crotch, slathering her lips and mound with the creamy foam.
Carefully, she whisks away any stray hairs on her folds, leaving her skin silky-smooth. The razor has a power switch, which turns the handle into a mini vibrator. Moaning and pouting her lips with pleasure, she buzzes her clit, grinding and circling the handle against it. Thighs splayed, with one pedicured bare foot resting up on the sink, she enters a state of bliss, and tastes her juices off of the handle.
Soon, she resumes masturbating her pussy, juices oozing as she penetrates it with the handle. Then she drools on her nipples and plays the vibrating tip against the piercings. The sensation prompts her to buzz the rainbow-colored bar through her clit hood as her fingers splay her puffy pink wide open. As her pleasure builds, she squats down, stretching her snatch even wider open.
Sinking down to sit on the floor, Renata whimpers with pleasure as her orgasm builds. Finally she cums, fingers splaying her butterfly lips as the camera zooms in to capture every twitch and spasm of her climax. Even the slightest touch from her fingertips sets off another response until, spent, she applies more foam and continues to shave…

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